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I am a journalist, activist, scientist, former Air Force fighter pilot and transport pilot and management consultant and I have been active since 1972, as a lawyer, specialising in litigation. I have been employed, since 1994, as a legal adviser by Cadhouse Design Enterprises CC. I am also presently active as a forensic investigator regarding litigation matters.

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Training as a South African Air Force pilot


After I left school I joined the South African Air Force, was trained as a pilot, and served as weekend pilot over a period of eleven years. In that time I served as a fighter pilot and transport pilot on three different Air Force squadrons.

My flying instructor was Lieutenant Denis Earp and this is what he looked like before he survived a Korean prisoner of war camp after his Mustang was shot down in Korea.                    



The follow image shows me with the same gentleman after he had retired as Lieutenant General and chief of the South African Air Force:








Got degrees in science an worked as a research chemist


After I qualified as a pilot I did a science degree, graduating with Chemistry and Mathematics as major subjects, and thereafter obtained a post-graduate degree in Chemistry. 

I did scientific research at the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) and the Iscor research laboratory for ten years on the use of electrochemical methods in analytical chemistry. The Cathode Ray Polarograph depicted here below is one of the instruments that I used in my research. 






Some of the other instruments can be viewed at http://mymastersdegreesaga.blogspot.com/


Worked as Management Consultant and taught management skills 


During my tenure at Iscor I was in due course employed as management consultant on senior management level and was inter alia engaged in managing work study projects and training middle management staff in management skills.


Graduated with a law degree 


In that time I obtained a law degree and soon thereafter went into law practice. I have worked, ever since, as a lawyer, both in law practice, and as legal advisor. I am presently still retained as legal adviser of a corporation and employed, from time to time, as ad hoc legal adviser and forensic investigator by other parties.


The Range Rider - a vehicle that I built


I have been involved in a variety of business ventures and during the 80s developed and built two prototypes of a motor vehicle, the Range Rider.


The following image is that of the second prototype of the vehicle:


The vehicles passed their road tests with flying colours, sailed through the roadworthy tests, were found suitable to be comprehensively insured by a leading insurance company and were leased with a facility obtained from a leading bank. However, I foresaw the upheaval to come in a new South Africa and decided to close down the project. That proved to be the second wisest decision that I have ever made – the wisest decision being the decision to marry my first wife, Susan, to whom I am still married as I pen these words.


Conducted mathematics workshops at Pretoria University and taught mathematics and commercial law at technical colleges


For some time I conducted mathematics workshops at the Pretoria University and lectured at technical colleges in Mathematics, Commercial Law, Handelsreg, and Company Law.




During 1992 I conceptualized an idea that I in due course named, The Quest for Truth Foundation (“Die Soeke na Waarheid Stigting”) and over the years embarked on several projects aimed at getting to the bottom of issues that I regard as important to investigate. Those issues inter alia included the Role of Christianity in Apartheid, the Palestinian question, and the Land issue in South Africa. But my first quest for the truth was a search for the truth in the Bible; a quest that has been ongoing for some two decades and regarding which I wrote several books, soon to be published. The books are non-spiritual and secular dissertations on the Bible.





In early 2000 I started writing as a freelance journalist for an aviation magazine and have since had more than 70 articles published in various publications. I have posted some of my article on my  websites mentioned  here below. 









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